– Helping you Choose a Catalogue

With dozens of catalogues to choose from you may wonder which one is the best for you. In most cases this is simply a matter of personal preference, the catalogue that suits your needs is going to be your best option. One of the main benefits of shopping with a catalogue is that you can buy things on finance, and given that a huge number of people who buy on finance have a credit score that is lower than the average, their main preference is a catalogue which will accept them for a credit account.

Finding a catalogue that is likely to accept you is a very difficult task and many people try to apply to multiple catalogues to hopefully ensure they get accepted with one. This is not a good idea! Each time you apply for credit of any kind, it is reported on your credit report. Applying for credit with lots of different companies in such a small space of time can be a reason for rejection. As such, the best option for you is to know which catalogues are more likely to approve you. Please note that this does not mean you are guaranteed to be approved, only that you chances are likely to improve. offer a guide to catalogues for people with a poor credit rating. They boast a huge amount of experience in the catalogue market and are thus well informed on the approval rates of different retailers. As such, they offer their visitors a huge table of UK catalogues where you can sort by approval rate and filter by the stores credit options or by the products they stock. This tool is a fantastic resource for anyone looking for a catalogue, not just those with a less than perfect credit history.

ApprovedCatalogues have also reviewed dozens of catalogues so that you can read up on the store before you choose them and if you’re wondering about what certain credit options entail such as “buy now pay later” or “spread the cost”, ApprovedCatalogues has that covered too!