– The Ultimate Catalogue Guide

Catalogues247 is an up and coming new website which displays a huge amount of information related to the credit catalogue market. They offer a guide on pretty much everything you can think of. For example, they have reviews on the UK’s top catalogues explaining each retailer in detail including their product range, so whether or not the store sells women’s clothes, electricals, furniture, appliances, etc. They also show the returns and delivery details for each catalogue and even their credit options.

In regards to credit options, Catalogues247 also goes into detail of what each option entails and gives you the benefits and negatives of each. So, if you want to know more about buy now pay later, pay monthly or pay weekly, check out their site.

If you’re looking for a particular product that you want to buy on finance, Catalogues247 has you covered there too! They’ve researched the best catalogues to buy from when looking for some of the most popular products including laptops, iPads, tv’s, games consoles, cookers, fridges, sofas, beds, and clothing for men, women and children!

Then there is the bad credit side of things. For those who have a poor credit rating you may be having trouble getting approved for a catalogue credit account. Catalogues247 talks you through this and tells you which catalogues are more likely to accept you. They can’t guarantee that you’ll get approved of course but they can certainly improve your chances.

They also offer a great newsletter whereby when you sign up they send you the latest voucher codes which can save you up to 20% off your first order! They also send you an email whenever a new sale is on or when any new voucher codes become available, and it’s free!

Our recommendation is, if you’re looking for a credit catalogue and need some more information first, go to!