Clothing on Finance – Womens, Mens and Kids Fashion

Most people are aware that there are many great flexible payment options available when catalogue shopping for larger, expensive items such as TV’s, washing machines and games consoles. What is not so well known, is that these great payment terms like buy now pay later are available when clothes shopping too, most people still tend to think that the buy now pay later plan is restricted to more expensive items, but clothing catalogues offer buy now pay later clothes!

It’s a good thing that they do, as nowadays of course designer clothing can be just as expensive as the latest technology and gadgets, luckily, you can now buy now and pay later on clothes when you shop online with the majority of catalogues including well known stores such as Littlewoods and Lookagain. Most catalogue companies will allow their customers to open a credit account and buy now pay later interest free, although there is usually a minimum purchase required in the region of £50 or more.

It is worth noting here that catalogues which offer interest free credit usually have much higher acceptance rates than those who don’t. So, if you are a person with a poor credit rating, you might find yourself being refused from interest free credit catalogues.

The Lookagain catalogue are one of the most popular in terms of clothes shopping in the UK, not only do they offer the convenient buy now pay later option interest free for 28 days on all purchases, they also offer free returns, next day delivery and up to a 20% discount for new customers on their first order when they open a Lookagain account.

Buy now pay later clothing allows you to get the clothes you need right now, but pay for them later. All the latest fashions are available from the top designer and brands such as Kickers, Levi, Adidas, Clare Sweeney, Figleaves, Helly Hanson, Nike, Reebok and Trespass. Whether you are looking for clothing for men, women or children, the latest fashions for special occasion, school uniforms or everyday wear, it’s easy to find a clothes catalogue that will suit your needs. Clothes shopping using catalogue websites offering buy now pay later is a great way in particular to buy childrens clothing when they seem to grow out of everything at once! For many families spreading the cost of clothing purchased is a real life saver, especially when when interest free!