Pay Monthly Electricals – Laptops, iPads, TV’s, Cameras, Xbox, PS3

Whether you’re buying games consoles for the kids or replacing your dishwasher, you can make the purchase manageable by spreading the cost giving you more flexibility when it comes to your budget. Popular items such as the The Nintendo Wii gaming console can be bought on buy now pay later no deposit terms, this home entertainment video console has revolutionised game playing by allowing all players to feel like they’re part of the game using the wireless and motion sensitive Wii remote.

Other highly desirable products available on no deposit buy now pay later include the all new iPad in black or white 16Gb, 32Gb or 64Gb versions. So, if you’re looking to buy a new iPad on finance, we recommend checking out’s. They offer a guide on lots of different tablet pc’s and where you can buy them on credit. TV’s are available in plasma, LCD, LED and Projection form with all television products available on flexible purchase terms. The terms vary from catalogue to catalogue, but the principles remain the same – no deposit, interest free credit with deferred payment of up to 12 months!

When it comes to buy now pay later terms with the popular Littlewoods catalogue for example, they allow you to choose the repayment method that suits you best. You can pay over terms ranging from 20 to 52 weeks interest free, or spread payments over a longer period (up to 3 years) with an APR of 34.9% APR on larger items. In terms of the deferment period for the buy now pay later scheme, there is nothing to pay for up to 12 months. To take advantage of the this option online with Littlewoods you will see a “Buy Now Pay Later Add to Order button” displayed on all products that qualify for the promotion, alternatively you can simply enter the code 33KVQ into the promotions box at checkout.

You can avoid paying interest on purchases by paying in full before the end of the payment-free period (you will be reminded you on your statement when the payment-free period is coming to an end), however if you are not ready to pay at the end of the payment-free period, you can simply spread the cost even further by using a Shopping Account. Almost all catalogue companies have a version of the buy now pay later promotion including Lookagain. Whenever you need to replace household electrical items, or buy games or other electronic products for Christmas or Birthdays, being able to buy now and pay later allows you buy what you need, when you need it, with no interest!