Littlewoods – the UK’s #1 Credit Catalogue

Littlewood’s is a department store that sells clothes for everyone in the family, as well as home goods and appliances. Littlewood’s has many good benefits to offer those who open a Shopping Account with them. You can pay for your items interest free over 20 or 52 weeks, for one (you have to spread at least £100, however, to spread your payment over 52 weeks). You can also buy now and pay nothing for up to 12 months. If that’s not enough time, you have an option with your Shopping Account to spread your payments over 2 years for items costing more than 60, and 3 years for items costing over 199. Whether you choose two or three years, you’ll have an APR interest rate of 34.9%. If you buy a sofa, you can take up to four years to pay. If you do open a Shopping Account with Littlewood’s, they’ll give you 10% of your first order, as well.

If you open a Shopping Account with Littlewoods, you can also purchase a service guarantee for your items. Repair personnel will assess your appliance and then, within 48 hours from the time they determine the problem, they’ll either fix your item, or replace it free of charge – even if it’s 8 years old. They have a replacement guarantee for various small, electrical items that cost under £150. You could possibly get a replacement in two days, even if it was damaged by accident. They also offer insurance coverage on the following items: furniture, mobile phones, jewellery, bikes, pets, and home, insurance, as well as accident insurance. They also offer vehicle breakdown coverage, and offer personal loans. The cost for all of these services can also be spread out, if you use your Shopping Account.